Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I already miss carbohydrates – especially my oatmeal, blueberries and cottage cheese meal. It may sound gross, but it’s quite delicious and very satisfying. If you haven’t tried it, I’d encourage you to give it a go. Simply mix equal parts (I use 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup depending on how hungry I am) of old fashioned oats, cottage cheese, blueberries (frozen works fine) and water and microwave for a couple minutes. Sprinkle on liberal amounts of cinnamon and a tiny bit of Splenda if needed. It’s soooo good. Darn. Now that bowl of delicious oatmeal and berries is all I can think about. Let’s change the subject.

A sad and weird thing happened at work yesterday… we have a fairly new staff member who just doesn’t seem “right” to me. She’s always very flustered, anxious, hyper and just a little off. My boss and I had to enter her office after hours and we discovered what we believe to be a methamphetamine bag – it was pretty much empty, with just a small amount of powdery residue remaining. This explains her very erratic behavior. We called the police to see if they could test the residue so we’d know for sure, but there isn’t enough left in the bag to test. The policeman who came to our office said he was 99.99999% sure it was meth. He sees this stuff every day and felt confident that’s what we found. It's sad to me because it's such a shame to see someone with so much potential throw it away. It's weird because we have such a rigorous interview process and it's hard to believe we didn't notice any clues during the interview process... After she was hired I noticed many things I thought were odd, but I never would've guessed drugs could be the cause. Anyway, we have a strict drug policy and we can’t continue to employee her.

Here’s an interesting link with photos showing the “faces of meth” – if this doesn’t scare someone from experimenting with methamphetamine, I don’t know what would:


Comments on comments:

Matt, I know about carb cycling, but it’s not something I’ve ever tried. I bet you’re right. Cool. I’ve wanted to try cycling carbs, but have been too lazy to research it properly and now I don’t have to do the research. Yay!

Chantal, I know you’re curious. I’ll share details as soon as I can. Thanks for your vote of confidence!

Tom, good idea with the bubble wrap. My clumsiness is pretty legendary.

Kim, we MUST get together the next time you’re up in my area!!!

Erin, what sage advice you give! Thanks for the reminder! I have not forgotten about our deal. ;)

Pamela, sticking to a strict diet during summer is going to be a HUGE challenge for me. We have get togethers nearly every weekend and there’s always lots of delicious foods and much alcohol to be had by all. If I didn’t waste the winter and spring floundering around and searching for my mojo, I wouldn’t be where I am today (un-hot). Bah!


At 4:52 PM, Blogger Brit-Man said...

Those pics were mindboggling. A lot of the addicts, looked like escaped convicts, and mental patients :-s.

Tough on your colleague, but I'm sure you'll sort things out.

I'm sure you'll find a way to stay consistant and reach the levels of HOT.

I'm happy just being tepid ha ha. some days I even settle for Luke warm ;-).

At 9:51 PM, Blogger Chérie said...

Why do most of them have all those horrible splotches on their faces? I must know! That really is sad, how it just ruins lives.

That oatmeal recipe does sound good. Must buy blueberries. Oatmeal and cottage cheese are staples.

Lol at brit-man :) Tepid and Lukewarm- both are better than cold!

At 6:21 AM, Blogger Brit-Man said...

I should say Rachel, as I didn't before, your diet to me still sounds like Carb cycling, but not in the traditional sense.

Most Carb cycling diets, don't work by upping or lowering Carbs on a weekly basis, like yours appears to do, it happens on a daily basis.

So one day someone might only have 25% Carbs, next day it could 40% next day 50%, then back to 25%, or mix them up, so it works out at say, 40%, 25% 50%, 40%, 50%, 25% for example.

I'm not an expert on it, but that's roughly the methodology behind it.

So for example, if you ate 250 calories a meal, with a 40/40/20 split, then you get 25 grams Protein, 25 grams Carbs, 5.5 grams Fat roughly.

Daily that's 1,500 calories.

Now if you increase the Carbs to say 50%, but leave Protein and Fat the same, then with the 10% increase you get roughly 31.25 grams of Carbs.

That's 25 calories more, or 275 calories per meal, so daily that's an increase to 1,650 calories.

If you cut back to 25%, then you get 15.5 grams Carbs, that's 62 calories, than the 50% day, so you get 213 calories per meal, which is 1,278 calories per day.

That's roughly how the Maths figures out, though some people may use ratios of 30% not 25%, or 55% not 50%, I don't know, but you kind of get the idea.

Yours sounds like that, but stretched over the course of a week, not cycled daily.

Hopefully that explains things okay :-).


At 7:50 AM, Blogger Erin said...

mmmmm... your oatmeal concoction sounds yummy... I tried the extremely low carb thing once and it is just NOT for me... I was feeling nauseous and dizzy by the end of the FIRST day!

Sorry about your coworker... that is a really tough situation to be in. I have seen the effects first hand... I know people who have gotten hooked on the stuff... it seems cool at first because you lose the need to eat or sleep... more hours in your day and you get skinny fast... and THEN shortly after that you start to look decrepit and sick and get twitchy and almost OCD-like with strange repetitive behaviors. VERY scary stuff. I hope this woman gets help before its too late!

At 2:06 PM, Blogger Irene said...

Does your employer have drug testing? One place I work was required to do drug testing because it was state funded and we transported kids. Even though I was office manager, I had to be drug tested, too. They did quarterly random drug testing as well. Sorry to hear about the coworker... You're probably right about your instincts.

I hope your new "plan" works out for you. Keep us posted on how it progresses.

Take care and stay cool... Or is it "hot?" LOL...


At 3:31 PM, Blogger FV Tom said...

Tom was here :)

At 6:29 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I've been constantly hungry for like...6 months now! lol. I have the most difficult time the first three days of BFL after I've had some time off. I'm sorry to hear about your co-worker. Meth is unfortunately all around us here. Missouri has the highest rate of meth labs, most in the county right next to us. Now it's bleeding over into our county. Last year I freaked out because there was a meth bust right up the street from us. The stuff is bad news.

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Pamela said...

sorry to hear about the co worker..but WOW strange eh??

& as to sticking to things in the summmer...I wanted to call you yesterday at work since I had a sec...
LOST THE #!!! akkkk dummy!
* smacks head several times!*

So call me PLEASEEEEE I'll be home tommorow! :) ( Thurs)


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