Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nothing Blog Worthy

Not much goin’ on that’s blog worthy. I think I sprained my middle finger. Not sure how I did it – I helped a friend demolish a wall on Saturday (fun!) – so that’s probably when it happened. It’s not too bad, but my grip is definitely affected. Let’s see… what else? Oh, I signed up to be part of a test group for a new diet. Some of you may have seen it posted at T-nation or on another forum. It’s from a former BFL Grand Champion, Joel Marion. I start on Monday with the new diet and will continue on with my current training routine, with a small adjustment to my cardio… I can’t disclose any details, but I’m looking forward to giving it a try. I know what to do with my eating, but it’ll be nice having someone give me a prescribed plan without having to think about things too much. Photos of me won’t be updated till late summer.

I think it’s supposed to be 106 degrees today and the forecast calls for 112 by this weekend. Bah. Hellooooo Summer.

I love the way Chérie and Tom always respond to comments people leave on their blogs… I’m not so great about doing that, but just want to say thanks for commenting and I do appreciate your blendship.


At 2:31 PM, Blogger Brit-Man said...

Hay Rachel. I hope the finger gets better soon. I'm sure you'll be able to train through the discomfort.

If you were English, I'd be telling you to fight through the pain, keep a stiff upper lip, and think of dear old England ;-).

Good luck with the diet, I'm sure you'll be great with it. You've done so much in 2 years to change the way you look, so no worries about pics.

I know when you post some more you'll look even more sensational then you did last time.

So much wonderful progress :-) :-).

Keep up the hard work, and keep smiling. You should be so proud of yourself, and you're doing really, really well.

The finger things doesn't need to be a setback. I know you can be strong, and hopefully it won't affect your physical capabilities.

Best wishes Rachel and have a great day :-).


At 6:05 PM, Blogger Pamela said...

Ouch on the finger! hope it's better soon!
The whole new diet thing sounds fun.. hope it's easy to follow! ( maybe I'll have to find a sec in my whirlwind life & CALL & ask for a sneak of it ..Tee hee:P
I know what you mean about loving the comments that they write back.. I do sometimes.. again... time...*sigh*

take care sweetie .. we WILL talk soon :)

At 8:11 PM, Blogger Big Mofo said...

Hmmmm... secret diet and routine ??? This must be something really good.

Hope you plan on updating with progress.

At 6:04 AM, Blogger leslie said...

I'm thinking we must live in the same neck of the woods, because I'm in CA too, and the weather is forecasted for 109 tomorrow and 112 on Sunday. I'm working an aid station at Western States 100 mile trail run this weekend, and I'm praying for the runners -- anything over 103 or so is waaaaay too hot!
Anyway, I'm in Placer County in Northern Cal, and thought I'd stop by and say hi. Best of luck with your challenge. I'm "defluffing" after a vacation right now, so you're not alone in the effort.

At 8:16 AM, Blogger FV Tom said...

Hey Rach,

don't you just hate it when you hurt yourself and can't remember having the fun of doing it?!?!? Hope your finger is getting better.

And your comment at my place about kids: no worries, I'm not so sure that I was all that great of a dad. I did my best which is all that we can ask of ourselves. I believe that not everybody is cut out to be parents. I, for one, am looking forward to our twin grandsons about to be born but only because I can "rent" them for a few hours and then give them back to Mom and Dad!

You guys are gonna get over 100 and we're sweating it out at 85! I think my wife is going to melt!

Guess I've got to get over to Tnation and check out the secret program.

Have a great weekend. And, as always, thanks for your wonderful comments. I value your blendship very highly.

be good.

At 9:13 AM, Blogger Mari said...

Taking down walls is fun. I did that to my house when we first got it. Yes the new diet sounds fun and a change up is good.
Hope that finger heals up fast.

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

106 degrees? Here I'm complaining about 90! I'm such a baby in that kind of heat, you'll find me indoors with the a/c! The new diet thing sounds cool, I think that kind of structure would be nice too, knowing exactly what you have to eat. Be sure to post about how it goes!

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog! I really appreciate such a compliment, made my day! Stop by anytime and I'll be adding your blog to my list, if you don't mind. ;)

At 3:11 PM, Blogger Chérie said...

Just saw your comment on JunJen's blog about finding out what "Rachel needs."

The quotes usually help in the google search, but Rachel is popular enough that you'll probably get a good list without them. Then you scroll through the web results and pull out the phrases that begin with "Rachel needs." My search for your list starts with "Rachel needs to have blush" that is very bright and colorful." which is actually pulled from someone else who googled a "Rachel needs" list.

By the way, you may want to set your preferences to "Strict filtering" while searching google for your list using my standard "moderate filtering" to block explicit images :)

Good luck with the new plan. I know I'd succeed if someone would just tell me what to eat and then bring over all the groceries. I really wish I could pay for one of those services!

At 6:34 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm starting to think we should just wrap you from head to toe in ace bandages, just in case! Yegads! I hope your finger feels better soon! Good luck with the testing on the new diet too!

At 11:35 AM, Blogger Irene said...

There's nothing more therapeutic than tearing down walls! ;) I hope your finger is back to feeling normal soon! We have weird weather here, too. It's supposed to be uber-hot but it's more like uber-humid, like it could rain any minute!

Take care! *HUGS*



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